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James Dawson

December 13, 1936 - November 7, 2013

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Reverend/ Dr. James Dawson, was born to James and Clara Dawson on December 13, 1936 in Baltimore, Maryland. His father, Reverend James Dawson, Sr. had set the bar for his son to preach GOD's word with comprehension, knowledge and spiritual power. Many ministers who knew him in his youth often said that James came into the world preaching. He attended BaltImore City Public Schools and quietly sought to learn all that he could about the ministry and how he might impact on the lives of others, learn as much as he could about the development of the mind of mankind, while growing and developing in a spiritual path throughout his youth. As a young kid, James did not seek to participate in sports like most of the other youth. He always felt the need to take on the responsibility of a small job to earn funds that he would give to his mother. He never complained and took pleasure in helping out when he could. He rarely sought anything for himself, but would selflessly give up what he had so that others could have more. James had a tremendous sense of humor and would often banter back and forth with his younger brother, Jerome.

As a man of 13 years he had multiple talents- a remarkable singer, a brilliant preacher, a prayer warrior and with GOD's direction and His grace, healing people who would stand in line for a blessing. His life evolved around the church and it was there that he, Jerome, Glenda, Alberta and Betty had their singing group that would stir the hearts of the people and bring them out of their seats. Al¬ways very private, James seemed "to have moved quickly into adulthood. At the early age of 18 years, he married Ogretta Adams and from that union they had two musically gifted sons, Justus and Michael Dawson. Early in his marriage, he went to live in Newark, New Jersey, where he sought the completion of his education. He attended and received his Bachelors degree from Princeton, University. While attending he secured a variety of laboring jobs to earn the funds to care for his family and meet education expenses. With calm and persuasive manner, he convinced Princeton University to hire him in the capacity of Assistant Chaplain, where he served for three years. Craving more education and spiritual direction, he moved South and secured his master's degree from the Interdenominational Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. From there he received his certification in Psychiatric Counseling from William S. Hall in Perryville, Georgia; Fort Valley, Georgia; and transitioned in Statesboro, Georgia and Atlantic City, New Jersey to pastoring in the United Methodist Church. He also started and begun the development of a church in Baltimore, MD that he later relinquished to his nephew, Mark Scroggins. James trained many ministers in Jacksonville and opened several schools for ministerial development. He secured career opportunities that would enhance his learning. James worked at Edward Waters College where he worked as Dean of the Residential Halls and also provided student counseling. He enjoyed teaching and taught at Coppin State University, University of Baltimore, The Community College of Baltimore and secured the Chaplainship at Lutheran Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. During this time, he was able to do considerable re¬search and work tirelessly on his doctoral dissertation, having his insatiable desire to share what he had learned about "Black Slave Owners." After many years of laborious study, he earned his PhD in 2007 from Liberty Theological Seminary at Liberty University in Ohio.

After a long illness and numerous health complications, Reverend/Dr. James Dawson heard GOD calling him home in the evening of November 7, 2013. He rejoiced to be taken to the King. He leaves to mourn: his sons, Justus and Michael and his daughter-in-law, Robinette; his beautiful daughters, Candace and Dana; other children, Crystal and Julian; his loving sisters, Delores and Betty; his grandchildren, great grandchildren and a host of other family members and friends. Even though you love him, know that GOD loves him more.